Melo goes multi-chain with the launch on BSC

A great step which is aim to expand the functionality and accessibility of Melo token, We’re excited to announce that Melo will be going multi-chain. Melo will be launching on binance smart chain soon. Meaning you can use your Melo tokens on Binance Smart Chain and Pancakeswap once the token is in circulation.
On July 1st we will be adding liquidity for Melo pancakeswap and Melo-TRC20. Melo-bep20 will be supported on catEx exchange.
Pancakeswap is the extremely fast-growing DEX running on BSC.
Launching a token on the BSC network is a major step as it gives users the ability to participate in DeFi without being stuck with the massive fees.
As a decentralized exchange under no regulatory authority users are able to transact with privacy at PancakeSwap. Anyone anywhere in the world is able to trade in the hundreds of assets available at PancakeSwap.