Melo Farming Launched On Catex Exchange

Dear all,

The MELO Token farm is now open! From then you can deposit MELO-CAKE-LP tokens (MELO/BNB Pancakeswap LP) to farm 1,000,000 MELO/daily.

The step is the following :

  1. Provide Liquidity for MELO/BNB market on Pancakeswap

Once you provided the liquidity, then you will get CAKE-LP token in your wallet automatically.

  1. Deposit the CAKE-LP token to your Catex wallet address, just like you deposit an BEP20 token.
  2. Click “Farming” menu and click the “Farm” button at Then it will show the balance of your MELO-CAKE-LP token, input how much you want to lock for the farming and submit. Then you have successfully completed the farming.
  3. After the above 3 steps. You don’t need to do anything else, and will get MELO token rewards daily.


Q: What’s MELO-CAKE-LP token, what’s its contract address?

A: MELO-CAKE-LP token is generated by pancakeswap exchange when you provide the liquidity for the BNB and MELO pair. From the bscscan explorer, its name is CAKE-LP, on Catex Exchange we have rename it to MELO-CAKE-LP to make it be clear.

This is the contract address of the CAKE-LP (On Catex, the name is MELO-CAKE-LP):

Please note, once you deposit the wrong MELO-CAKE-LP token to your Catex account, we will not be able to find it back. (PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR LP TOKENS ARE COMING FROM THE CONTRACT ABOVE)

Q: From the farming page, you can see “Total rewards and days and the daily rewards”, what’s the meaning of them?

A: It means. How much MELO will reward to the farmers, and how much MELO will reward to the farmers daily. Let’s say there are 10000 MELO daily rewards and 100 farmers, that means the 100 farmers will get the rewards according to the ratio of their locked MELO-CAKE-LP tokens.

Q: How much MELO can I get?

A: Each farmer’s rewards will be calculated every day based on their ratio of MELO-CAKE-LP token locked compared to all MELO-CAKE-LP token locked. For example, The daily rewards is 10,000 MELO, and user A locked 500 MELO-CAKE-LP for 12 hours during the 1st day. The average amount of MELO-CAKE-LP locked across 24 hours from all participating users during the same day was 1,000 MELO-CAKE-LP. then user A will receive ((500 x 12 / 24 ) / 1,000) x 10,000 = 2500 MELO tokens for the first day.

Once again:
The MELO-CAKE-LP (represent the MELO/BNB liquidity) token’s contract address is

The MELO token’s contract address is: